How to Troubleshoot a Sears Kenmore 587 Dishwasher

The Kenmore 587 series of dishwasher, sold at Sears stores throughout the country, has occasional problems cleaning objects, and like any machine, it can fall prey to a number of mechanical or electrical malfunctions. The 587 comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor on defective units, and a 10-year warranty for leaks in the tub or door panel. For simple problems, homeowners can attempt to troubleshoot a Sears Kenmore 587 dishwasher themselves to save the hassle, aggravation and possible cost of a service call.

You can troubleshoot many common Kenmore dishwasher problems.
  1. Check that the dishwasher's fuse hasn't blown or the circuit breaker hasn't tripped, the water is turned on to the unit and the dishwasher door is closed and latched properly if the unit refuses to run.

  2. Finish the wash cycle if the "Washing" light blinks. The light only activates if the cycle was stopped manually. Attempt to run the "Sanitize" function again if the "Sanitize" light blinks or fails to turn on after selecting the option.

  3. Load the dishwasher properly if the dishes rattle or vibrate during operation. Avoid loading the dishes too closely to one another, or too closely to the unit's washer arm.

  4. Add fresh detergent or install a water softener to the unit if items come out soiled or stained. Load the dishes in a way that avoids blocking the rotating washer arm and the tower in the lower rack.

  5. Assess the temperature and pressure of the water coming into the washer, as incorrect water settings can affect a number of washer functions. Adjust the water pressure to the dishwasher to between 20 and 120 lbs. per square inch, and the water temperature to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid setting the water temperature too much over 120 degrees -- excessively hot water can permanently etch a hazy look onto dishware.

  6. Inspect the drain hose for kinks if the dishwasher doesn't drain properly. Check that any attached waste disposal units are cleared of food.

  7. Activate the "Heat Dry On" function and check that the rinse aid is filled if the dishes don't dry correctly.

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