Offset Umbrella Instructions

Mary Lougee

An offset umbrella is much more versatile than a standard table umbrella. Table umbrellas mount in the center of the table and only block all the sun from the area in midday. Early morning and late afternoon sun are at an angle so that the horizontal umbrella cannot shade the table sufficiently. Offset umbrellas install next to a table and have a tilting feature. You can extend or retract the shade and tilt it to shade any area.

  1. Place one hand in the umbrella crank. Squeeze the handle to unlock it and slide it upward on the curved pole to the full height. This action will extend the interior umbrella pole.

  2. Release the lock on the handle. Pull the umbrella crank out of the retainer in the handle. Insert the umbrella crank into the crank hole on the handle. The crank is usually in the shape of a "Z" and is metal with a plastic covering on the end.

  3. Turn the crank clockwise to unfold the umbrella ribs and canopy. The umbrella will be open and in a horizontal position.

  4. Squeeze the handle to unlock it and pull the handle down on the pole to tilt the umbrella toward the pole. You can release the handle at any area on the pole to position the umbrella to block the sun.

  5. Close the umbrella by sliding the handle up to the highest position and releasing it. Turn the crank counterclockwise to fold the umbrella and slide the handle down to the bottom of the pole to retract the umbrella inside the pole.