How to Use Cast Iron on Maytag Smooth-Top Range

Andrew Todd

Cast-iron cookware has been used to prepare food for hundreds of years, as the iron can be heated to -- and maintain -- high temperatures. Because of the high temperature range, cast-iron cookware is often used for searing and frying foods. Most Maytag smooth-top ranges feature a flat glass cooking surface, as opposed to the electric or gas burners. The glass cooktop heats evenly, making it better suited for cooking with cast-iron cookware. However, it is important that you exercise caution when placing cast-iron cookware on the stove as well as when moving the cookware. The weight of the cookware can crack or scratch the glass surface of the Maytag range, which could result in a costly repair bill.

Use Cast Iron on Maytag Smooth-Top Range
  1. Clean the glass cooktop prior to turning on the burner using a glass top cleaner and glass top sponge, both of which are available at your local grocery store. One of the dangers of cooking with cast-iron cookware on a glass cooktop is that food and other particles trapped between the cookware and the stove can scratch the surface.

  2. Scrub the bottom of the cast-iron cookware to remove any residue that may scratch the cooktop surface. When washing cast-iron cookware, use hot water and a stiff brush, or a sponge with soap. Be sure to dry the cookware after cleaning to prevent rust.

  3. Set the cast-iron cookware on the glass cooktop gently. Cast iron cookware is heavy and can easily crack or even break the glass surface.

  4. Move the cast iron cookware as little as possible to prevent scratching the surface of the glass top. If you must reposition the cookware, lift it completely off of the stove using both hands with pot holders, and then gently set it into its new position.