How to Troubleshoot a Cal Spa Temperature Heater

Cal Spas markets luxury and discount spas and hot tubs that provide users hydrotherapy or just relaxing, soothing lifestyles. Owners need to periodically review their spas to ensure they operate as expected and do not cause terrific increases in energy bills. One typical issue is the hot tub's water heater. The water heater unit heats the spa water to a specified temperature based on the owner's preference. If you discover your Cal Spa is not heating properly or your electricity bill is noticeably increased, troubleshoot the water heater to ensure it's working properly.

Spa Does Not Heat

Troubleshoot a Cal Spa Temperature Heater
  1. Check the heating mode. Modes include standard, economy and sleep. During standard operation, the spa maintains the heat setting. The economy mode heats only during filtration. Sleep mode heats only during filtration, too, although it gets within 20 degrees of the preset temperature.

  2. Measure the water in the tub to make sure it is at the recommended level.

  3. Review the electrical system. Turn off the power or reset the breaker to see if this corrects the issue.

  4. Open the gate valves all the way.

Spa Is Warm, Not Hot

  1. Turn the heat up on the control panel.

  2. Review filtration. Increase filtration time to increase water temperature.

  3. Review the electrical system to ensure it is working correctly.

  4. Replace or clean the filter if it is extremely dirty.

  5. Open the gates valves all the way. Reposition the spa cover when not using the hot tub.

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