How to Get Rid of Belongings, Declutter and Downsize

Whether moving to a smaller home or reorganizing to make more room in your current home, sorting through and downsizing a lifetime’s worth of belongings is a daunting task.
Old clothing can help out the less fortunate.
When items represent memories, people have a hard time differentiating between wants and needs. With a few handy hints and a little guidance, the process of organizing and downsizing can be easier and less stressful, and reducing clutter can help people breathe a little easier. .

Step 1

Sort belongings with the four-box method. Mark four boxes “Give away/sell,” “Storage,” “Trash,” and “Maybe.” As you go through items, place them in the appropriate boxes. Use the “Maybe” box sparingly.

Step 2

Sell items to earn a little extra moving or fun money. Books, CDs, clothes, furniture and many other belongings can be sold online, in resale shops or at pawn shops. Selling items probably won’t earn a lot of money, but a little extra cash can help.

Step 3

Set goals. Trying to tackle an entire house can be daunting, so setting small goals, such as a room a day, can help you get through the chaos and make order.

Step 4

Consider belongings honestly. It is important to think about whether you need a belonging or merely enjoy having it. If you genuinely love owning something, it’s worth keeping, but if you merely like having it, think twice.

Step 5

Recycle old magazines and newspapers.

Step 6

Remove items of clothing that haven’t been worn in over a year. After a year, clothing may no longer fit, and styles have changed.

Step 7

Donate whatever you can. Help the less fortunate by donating to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or local charities.

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