How to Troubleshoot a Self-Propelled Hoover WindTunnel

The self-propelled WindTunnel vacuum is manufactured by the Hoover Company, which produces vacuums, carpet cleaners and cleaning formulas.

Troubleshoot a Self-Propelled Hoover WindTunnel
Available online or in select appliance, department or home retail stores, the WindTunnel features carpet height control, headlight, dirt sensor, carrying handle and a motor that helps propel the vacuum forward during use. If problems occur with the vacuum, users may wish to perform troubleshooting steps to help identify the source of the problem and find a possible solution. .

Ensure the WindTunnel is firmly plugged in to a working power supply, if the vacuum does not operate. Check the fuse or circuit breaker and reset as necessary. If the thermal protector on the unit was activated, indicating that the motor has overheated, turn off the vacuum and wait 30 minutes for the thermal protector to reset before attempting to use again.

Set the "Custom Control" switch to the "Carpet" position, if the agitator brushes are not turning during use. Turn the vacuum over and check for possible agitator obstructions if the brushes still do not turn. Clear away any possible blockages.

Change the filter bag on the unit, if the WindTunnel is not operating properly or suction is weak. Open the filter door on the side of the main compartment, pull the filter straight out and wash with cold water and a few drops of liquid dish washing detergent. Air dry and replace the filter in the unit. Locate the secondary filter, which is set behind the grill in the bottom of the dust bag compartment. Pull off the grill and lift out the filter. Wash and dry in the same manner as the other filter, and replace it.

Ensure the "Self Propel" button is in the "On" position, if the vacuum is does not self-propel during use.

Examine all hoses and nozzles for damage and obstructions, if the WindTunnel is not suctioning dirt as expected. Remove possible obstructions and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Things You Will Need

  • Power supply
  • Clean cloth(s)
  • Water
  • Dish washing liquid

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