How to Measure Length for Chainsaw Chaps

Chaps fit over jeans or pants to protect the legs. Chainsaw chaps are made from very thick material that is designed to slow the chain down if a chainsaw contacts your leg, giving you additional time to react. This type of leg protection can reduce the severity of chainsaw injuries, or avoid one altogether.

  1. Stand straight up on level ground.
  2. Place the tip of a measuring tape touching the ground next to one leg.
  3. Stretch the measuring tape up to the waist on your pants and have an assistant read the measurement. This is the length to order your chainsaw chaps. Round odd measurements down to the next even number.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Assistant


  • Chainsaw chaps that are too long cause a tripping hazard if they catch under boots or shoes.
  • Chainsaw chaps have adjustable waist sizes that buckle to achieve a tight fit to secure them.
  • Adjust chainsaw chaps to have a close-fitting protective device, and always buckle each leg buckle.

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