Jacuzzi Operation Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a Jacuzzi spa or hot tub requires you to follow a few steps. Spas and hot tubs have a variety of pumps, jets, motors and other plumbing items that can cause problems. Carefully diagnose your Jacuzzi's problem to properly correct the issue before using the spa. Major issues like broken or inoperable pumps, blowers and motors will probably require contacting the dealer or manufacturer to correct the issue.

Jacuzzi Operation Troubleshooting
  1. Check for power to the spa. If the spa does not operate at all, check your breaker and the electrical connection to the spa. Connections may short if they come in contact with water.

  2. Test the pump's operation. To prime the pump, turn off power to the spa and turn it back on. Jacuzzi spas will automatically prime.

  3. Open all jets in the spa. Turn on the jets at the control panel by pressing the "JETS 1" button. Place your hand over each jet to ensure it is working.

  4. Open all air controls on the spa. These buttons have the Jacuzzi logo on them; press to open the controls.

  5. Adjust the thermostat on the control panel as necessary. Press the "Warmer" and "Cooler" buttons for this step.

  6. Clean or replace the filter. A dirty filter can restrict the water flow, reduce jet action and water temperature.

  7. Unclog any water intake valves. This can reduce water flow through the tub.

  8. Add water to ensure the level is over the filter inside the spa. Low water can reduce the spa's effectiveness.

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