How to Remove a Cinema Display Stand

Larry Simmons

The Apple Cinema Display is a range of monitors designed for use with Apple brand computers. Compatible with every line of Apple’s Mac notebooks and desktop computers that utilize the Mini DisplayPort, the Cinema Display can serve as an easy-to-connect monitor for any modern Mac product you may own. To increase its usefulness, Apple builds the Cinema Display with a removable stand. This allows you to attach the display to a VESA mount, which in turn opens up the display for a large variety of mounting options, from flat wall mounting to multiple desktop mounting arms.

Removing the monitor stand allows you to mount the monitor anywhere.

Step 1

Turn off the display and remove the cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Place the display face down on a towel to protect the screen from scratching as you're removing the display stand.

Step 3

Remove the two hex screws located in the two small recessed circles on either end of the top of the display stand. These screws secure the stand to the display. Rotate the screws counterclockwise with the 3mm hex driver to remove them from the stand.

Step 4

Pull the stand directly upward away from the display after you've removed the screws. Pull the cable through the hole in the stand as you pull the stand away from the display to free it completely.