How do I Fix an Amana Ice Cube Maker That Leaks Water?

Automatic ice cube makers are a convenient feature in a freezer for constant ice on demand. Water flows into the ice cube tray to fill it. The water freezes into ice, and then a warming plate warms the cubes to melt the exterior of the cubes slightly. The ice cube tray then turns over and deposits the cubes into the ice bucket. The timer opens the water valve, and refills the ice cube tray for a continuous cycle. Water leaks in an ice cube maker can freeze and not allow the cubes to release from the tray or may make some small and some large cubes.

Ice cube makers provide a continuous supply of ice in freezers.
  1. Pull the refrigerator out away from the wall to observe the water supply line. If the line has a kink in it, reposition it so that it is in a circle and does not bend sharply at any point. Kinks in the supply line can cause air bubbles in the water flow and overfill the ice cube maker.

  2. Place a level on the front top of the refrigerator horizontally. Adjust the front legs on the refrigerator to obtain horizontal level. If the bubble in the level is to the right of the center mark, raise the left front leg by turning the bottom nut counterclockwise with adjustable pliers to raise it. Lower a leg by turning the nut clockwise with adjustable pliers. Repeat this step to level the refrigerator horizontally in the rear with the level side-to-side on the rear of the refrigerator top.

  3. Place a level on the refrigerator extending from front to back in the center of the refrigerator top. Level the refrigerator by adjusting the front and back legs in the same manner.

  4. Push the refrigerator back into position and recheck the level both horizontally and vertically to determine the floor is also level.

  5. Let the ice maker complete one full cycle and refill the ice cube tray with water. If the ice cube maker is still leaking water, it points to a component failure within the ice maker, which is usually the case with very large water leaks.

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