How to Attach a Curtain to a Wire Rack

Industrial, restaurant-style wire racks on wheels are sometimes used as additional kitchen storage in loft-style condos. The wire racks are sturdy with large wheels, and they can easily be positioned in different areas for storage and service. For long-term storage, you may want to close off the view of what is on the shelves by using curtains draped over the racks. This can be done inexpensively, and the effect will streamline your racks into a more modern appearance.

  1. Measure the exterior of the racks. If you want a continuous fabric panel on three sides, then measure the width of each side. Measure the height from the top bar of the rack to the bottom bar of the rack.
  2. Select a waterproof fabric that will clean up by being wiped off. Choose a non-fray fabric. (Look at outdoor fabrics for a good selection.)
  3. Cut your fabric panels to size.
  4. Attach your fabric panels to the rack by sliding a strap clip through and around the top bar of the rack. A strap clip is used for identification badges, and it consists of a strap with a snap on one end and an alligator clip on the other end. The strap is plastic and it will easily go over the top bar and snap. Add straps evenly spaced along the bar on each side where you want to hang a panel.
  5. Attach the fabric panel to the alligator clips of the strap clip. You can hold portions of the fabric open using the same clips if you want to expose your shelves during cooking.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Strap clips


  • Strap clips come in a wide variety of colors and are readily and cheaply available at most office supply stores and online. A clear strap clip is also available and you can find different lengths for thicker bars.

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