How to Make Your Hot Tub Work

Once you have properly installed your hot tub, you will need to follow a few basic steps to make sure it works correctly. Most hot tubs work very similarly, although the control panels are different and the location of internal working pieces also may vary. Failing to correctly prepare the tub for use can result in damaged equipment. Not only does this delay the use of the hot tub, but it also increases the possibility of spending more money on repairs.

You will need to follow a few steps to properly set up your hot tub.
  1. Fill the hot tub with water. You can stop when the water is past the filter and begin testing the equipment or fill it as full as recommended.

  2. Remove the access panel on the outside of the tub. This allows you to inspect the plumbing for leaks and other problems.

  3. Bleed air from the plumbing system. Near the pump, you can open an air lock screw. This releases air and needs closing when water begins to come out from the screw.

  4. Open all valves near the pump. These must be open in order to circulate water through the unit.

  5. Replace the access panel. Turn on the hot tub using the control panel.

  6. Cycle through the different settings on the hot tub. For example, turn on all the jets, massage settings or other features of your hot tub. Place your hand over the jets inside the tub to check water flow.

  7. Set the temperature on the hot tub. It can take a few hours for the tub to properly heat. You can periodically check the tub to ensure that it reaches your desired temperature.

  8. Add chemicals to the water. Using a litmus strip or home water testing kit, place chemicals into the tub as suggested once you determine how much your water needs.


  • Be sure to use a hot tub cover when not using the spa. This will prevent foreign material from getting into the unit and allow the tub to maintain its proper temperature.