Instructions for a Pella Screen Replacement

Pella is one of the leaders in the replacement window and door industry.

Most of their replacement windows have insect screens to keep insects out of the home while the window is open. When small holes develop in the screen due to wind damage, it is necessary to replace the screens. Pella screen replacement is very similar among all of their designs. Each has a handle to hold onto the screen while removing and installing it in the window opening.

Write down the unit identification number of the window. The identification number is on the lower left corner either on the glass panel or on the strip between the glass. This identification number is necessary when ordering replacement screens from Pella or Pella authorized dealers. Order and purchase your replacement screens.

Open the window and grab the plastic flexible screen handle with one hand. The screen handle is on the bottom of the screen frame on single and double-hung windows. Casement window screen handles are on the left side of the window screen.

Pull the window screen locking levers up with your fingers. There are two silver locking levers on each side of the screen that are flush with the frame when in the locked position. The levers pull out and up with your fingers.

Push the frame of the window screen away from the window frame while holding onto the screen handle. Angle the screen so you can bring it through the window and into the room.

Insert the replacement window screen through the window at an angle while holding onto the screen handle. Place the screen upright into the window frame with the screen handle and window locks facing you.

Pull the screen handle toward you and push the window lever locks down with your fingers until they are flush with the screen frame. Press the frame near the locks to ensure the screen is secure. Let go of the screen handle and close the window.

Things You Will Need

  • Replacement screen

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