Frigidaire Stove Instructions

If you have moved into a new home or bought some new appliances for your current home, you may be using a Frigidaire stove for the first time. The Frigidaire stove is available in both an electric model and a gas model. Regardless of which stove model you have, each works in the same way. In fact, you will find that a Frigidaire stove works like most other common household stoves. If you have used another brand of stove in the past, you will find it to be the same basic operating process.

  1. Place your pan on the stove burner that you want to use.

  2. Push in the corresponding control knob and turn it to your desired temperature selection. Heat options range from simmer to high.

  3. Put the control knob in the "OFF" position when done.

  4. Use the control knob labeled "OVEN" to select a baking temperature for the oven when you are ready to bake something.

  5. Press the "START" button to make the oven begin heating; otherwise, it will not heat. Set a timer, if you want to, by pressing the "BAKE TIME" button before you press "START." Use the up and down arrows to select your baking time. The oven will automatically shut off once the bake time is completed.

  6. Clean the oven by removing the broiler pan, any utensils and aluminum foil before turning the oven control knob to "CLEAN" and pressing "START." The "LOCK" indicator light below the "START" button will flash for 15 seconds and then stay on while the oven is self-cleaning. The cleaning and cool down process takes two hours. Once the "LOCK" indicator light goes off, the cleaning cycle is complete.

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