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How to Troubleshoot the Control Panel on a GE XL44

Meredith Jameson

The General Electric XL44 is an electronic or gas range with a large oven capacity, porcelain cooktop, pilotless ignition system, standard burners, square grates and an electronic clock, timer and control pad. Sold on the Internet and in appliance stores, the XL44 range should operate well with typical care, cleaning and maintenance. However, if problems occur with the range, such as issues with the control panel, some troubleshooting efforts can help you discover the source of the problem and fix it.

  1. Check the power cord on the XL44 range and verify that it is plugged into a working power outlet if nothing on the control or display panel is working. Replace or reset the circuit breaker if needed.

  2. Disconnect power to the range if nothing on the control panel will function. Wait a few minutes and then restore power. Press a new selection on the control pad and press "Start" to begin.

  3. Reset the clock if the display flashes repeatedly or shows "12:00" without progressing. Press "Clock" twice and use the up and down arrow pads to select the correct time. Press "Start/On" to confirm the time.

  4. Reset the timer if a delay start or timer function was selected and is incorrect or needs to be extended. Touch "Kitchen Timer On/Off" and then the arrow pads to select the desired timer amount. Clear the timer by pressing "Kitchen Timer On/Off" again.

  5. Turn off the automatic 12-hour shut-off feature by pressing "Bake" and "Broil Hi/Lo" pads simultaneously for three seconds. The display will show "SF." Press "Clock" until the display shows "Off" to indicate that the automatic shut-off feature has been turned off. Press "Start/On" to confirm.

  6. Contact GE for additional assistance as needed at 800-626-2224.