How to Hide a Protruding Breaker Box

An unsightly breaker box protruding from a wall in your home can be hard to disguise. Many homes will have a breaker box in a place that is difficult to cover and if the box does protrude; there are methods available to disguise it. Wallpaper or paint can be a temporary measure of disguise but the box will still be obvious. Many homeowners choose to build a cabinet over the box, by which, both covers the breaker box and create a sense of something more attractive in its place.

Hide a Protruding Breaker Box
  1. Measure the width, depth and length of the protruding breaker box and cut the wood lengths to fit the depth and height of the breaker box. Use the square edge to square the wood lengths and create corners.

  2. Glue and screw the lengths and width pieces to make a frame that fits around the edge of the protruding box. Be aware of how the breaker box door opens and make sure you leave space so the door can still be easily accessed.

  3. Fit the hanging brackets to the rear side of the cabinet frame so they face outward to hang the cabinet. Place two on either edge and one each at the top and bottom.

  4. Mark where the hinges will go, hanging those approximately two inches from the top and bottom of the frame. Depending on the length of the breaker box, three hinges instead of two might be needed.

  5. Chisel the frame to the depth of the hinges and sit them flush in the gap. Mark the screw holes with a thin pencil. Offer up the cabinet door and align the hinges with the door and the frame for an exact match. Mark the hinges on the door and chisel if necessary for a flush fit and screw down. Fit the handle onto the door.

  6. Drill holes around the edge of the breaker box to match the hanging brackets. Before you drill, take all necessary precautions not to drill into a wire or part of the breaker box. Hang the cabinet and secure tightly with screws.

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