How to Set Up an Addico Water Cooler

Lissabeth Ross

Addico is a Canadian company that is owned by Oasis International. Addico makes a variety of products including water coolers. Setting up your Addico water cooler is a simple procedure that should not take too long. Before setting up your water cooler you will want to determine if your water cooler comes equipped with a hot tank for supplying hot water. If your model does not have a hot tank, you can disregard the instructions for setting up the hot tank.

It should only take you a few minutes to set up your Addico water cooler.
  1. Take a new, unused water jug and after removing any safety seals invert the bottle to install into the water cooler.

  2. Plug in your water cooler. Allow 30 minutes for the water cooler to chill the water.

  3. Open the hot water faucet on hot tank models and leave open until water flows freely. The tank needs to be full before it is turned on. Turn the hot tank switch to the on or reset position. Hot tank will take about 30 minutes to sufficiently heat water.

  4. Wipe up any spills that occur when new water jug is loaded onto cooler. If a major spill has occurred and you believe internal components have gotten wet, allow 48 hours for components to dry out before operating the hot tank.