How to Use a GT Express 101

Keith Patrick

The GT Express 101 is an electric grill designed for the home kitchen. The GT Express allows users to cook many dishes in only five minutes. Owners can pull out the GT Express cooking pans and clean them in the dishwasher. You can learn the basic functions of the GT Express 101 within 20 minutes.

The GT Express 101 uses electricity instead of gas to cook meals.
  1. Clean off the interior pan of the GT Express. There may be dust or dirt on the cooking pan of the GT Express. Wipe away the dust with a wet cloth. Dry off the pan with a dry cloth immediately after.

  2. Insert the GT Express 101's cord into an electrical outlet and allow it to warm up. A yellow light will automatically flash when you plug it in. Wait for the light to go out before moving forward.

  3. Place the food item you wish to cook into the pan. Pull up the top cover of the device and insert your item. You should consult the GT Express 101 recipe guide for instructions on arranging the food item. The arrangement can vary widely depending on the dish.

  4. Close the unit's cover and set a timing device. Pull down the top cover of the GT Express. Look closely to make sure that cover has fully closed. Read through the GT Express 101 recipe guide for suggested cooking length for your dish.

  5. Open the top cover and remove the food item. GT Express includes a spatula-type tool with the unit to help remove the dish from the pan. Use this tool to pull out the food. Close the top cover after removing the dish and unplug the unit.