How to Deal With Hair in a Vacuum Cleaner

Hair, both animal and human, can get caught in a vacuum's beater bar brush or get inside a vacuum's works and cause it to clog.

Keep your vacuum clear of hair to keep it running efficiently.Keep your vacuum clear of hair to keep it running efficiently.
While the majority of the hair vacuumed up gets contained in the machine's dirt canister or vacuum bag, hair does get stuck in the hoses and attachable tools. Hair stuck in any part of the vacuum can cause it to lose suction and affect the overall performance of the appliance. To keep it performing efficiently, remove hair regularly and look for hair obstructions if you experience performance issues, such as loss of suction.

Turn off and unplug the vacuum before cleaning hair from it.

Empty the dirt container or remove and throw away the vacuum bag to remove hair from the vacuum. Replace the vacuum bag with a new one before using the vacuum again.

Inspect of the vacuum's accessory tool brushes for hair and remove any hair on them.You can use the hose with no accessories attached or with the crevice tool to suck hair from the other accessories. Run the hose up and down the bottom of the tool to suction any hair away.

Lay the vacuum down and look underneath it. If you can, remove the vacuum's beater bar brush. Pull the hair off the brush. If necessary, use a pair of scissors to cut off hair that is wound tightly around the brush.

Remove all hoses from the vacuum and look for hair inside the hose and within any detachable pieces. Pull any hair out of the hoses.

Things You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • New vacuum bag

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