How to Troubleshoot a Liebert Mini-Mate

Providing technology since 1995, 42U offers a broad range of products, including the Liebert Mini-Mate for your data center needs. Whenever you need to keep a small room cool and manage the humidity levels, such as a computer room or a laboratory, having a system in place such as the Liebert Mini-Mate helps you keep your energy costs down while saving floor space. When problems arise, troubleshooting your Liebert Mini-Mate usually requires using the menu-driven control display panel, making resolving problems more effortless.

Use a small screwdriver to set a DIP switch off or on.
  1. Calibrate the temperature and humidity sensors if the cooling cycle is too short, which means the sensor response delay is too short. Increase the sensor response delay by pressing the "Menu" key to bring up the Main Menu, then selecting "Calibrate Sensors." You can calibrate the temperature sensor plus or minus five degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity sensors plus or minus 10 degrees relative humidity (RH).

  2. Make certain dual in-line package (DIP) switch number six is set to the "Off" position if the humidifier will not operate. Turning this DIP switch off sets and allows the humidifier option to function. Turn the power to the Liebert off from the unit disconnect switch, located on the lower left end of the unit, then locate the DIP switches on the control board, inside of the evaporator. These small on-off switches help design systems such as your Liebert Mini-Mate. Use a small screwdriver to turn off the DIP switch. Power on the Liebert from the unit disconnect switch.

  3. Adjust the temperature control set point if the Liebert Mini-Mate has no cooling. You will also not see the word Cooling on the control panel display. Press the "Menu" key, select "Setpoints" using the up and down arrow, and then press "Enter." Another set of selections will display on the screen. Use the up and down arrow to select "Temperature Setpoint," and press "Enter." Your Liebert has a default temperature setpoint of 72 degrees F. Choose from a range of 40 to 90 degrees F for cooling.

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