How to Cool Down an Overheated Room

Hot temperatures can be uncomfortable. This is especially true in a home. An overheated living room is not a place you want to be with your family, and a too-hot bedroom might prevent a good night's sleep. The fastest way to cool down a room may be to turn on the air conditioner, but that is also the most expensive way. Tough economic times mean that frugal homeowners are looking for inexpensive ways to cool down an overheated room. Luckily, there are many ways to cool down a room that cost little or no money.

A ceiling fan can quickly lower the temperature in a room.

Step 1

Turn off the lights. Lights, especially incandescent light bulbs, give off heat. Turn off all heat-producing appliances as well, such as ovens and clothes dryers.

Step 2

Close curtains and blinds to prevent sunlight from entering the room.

Step 3

Open the windows, but keep the blinds closed to block the sun if the sun is shining directly on the windows. Even if the air outside is hot, you might be able to get a cross-breeze going to cool down the room. Open windows in either end of the room to see if you can get air flowing through the room.

Step 4

Turn on a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can lower the temperature of a room by up to seven degrees, according to Consumer Reports. The fan should rotate counter-clockwise for maximum cooling.

Step 5

Use one or more floor fans. Floor fans work even more effectively if you place a bowl of ice in front of them, according to MSN Money. As the ice evaporates, it cools the air, which the fan blows outward.

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