How to Block Golf Balls From Windows

Sarah Davis

If you live on a golf course, your windows may be at risk of getting hit by golf balls. There are ways to defend your windows against being broken by golf balls, but some may be expensive. On the upside, the price of protecting your windows is worth multiple window replacements and repairs. Tempered glass and protective window coverings will stand up to any golf ball and can be installed by a professional.

Many people who live on a golf course have had windows broken by golf balls.
  1. Measure your window's length and width with a measuring tape. Make a list of your local window and glass dealers and call each one to request a price on tempered glass windows that fit your measurements. Have tempered glass windows installed in the areas where golf balls are a danger.

  2. Call a few window and glass dealers about pricing for roll-down window screens. Roll-down screens are made from heavy fabric and can be installed over your existing windows. Pull the screen down over your window for golf ball protection.

  3. Hang netting between your house and the golf course, if your neighborhood covenants allow, by tying the netting to trees in your yard with rope. To do this, measure the area where golf balls may fly in, and cut the netting to this size. Tie the rope to each of the four corners of the net and tie each of the loose ends of the rope to a nearby tree or post. Golf netting is usually square mesh netting with squares smaller than the golf ball. It provides good protection for your home and yard with little obstruction of your view.