How to Buy the Correct Washing Machine Size

Because a washing machine is a significant expenditure, families usually consider every option carefully before making a purchase. Think about how you use a washing machine and the volume of laundry you create before you choose one. The correct size washing machine for your needs will enable you to wash laundry loads that are large enough to decrease the frequency of doing laundry, thus saving money and resources.

Select a washing machine size that fits your needs and space.
  1. Analyze your laundry needs and usage. If you typically wash larger loads, you may prefer an extra large capacity washing machine. If you wash smaller loads of laundry, a small or compact capacity washing machine may fit your needs. While a larger washing machine will enable you to wash larger laundry loads, these machines also use more energy to operate. If you purchase a smaller capacity washing machine, you may wash clothes more often due to smaller loads.

  2. Measure the location where you will place the washing machine to determine the space available for the appliance. Make sure that each washing machine you consider will fit in the available space.

  3. Determine what size wash loads you want to be able to wash in your new washing machine. A small washing machine -- which usually measures less than 3.0 cubic feet -- can wash up to 12 lbs. of laundry. A large capacity machine -- which usually measures between 3.0 and 3.8 cubic feet -- can wash up to 16 lbs. of laundry. According to the consumersearch.com website, an average load of laundry is between 7 and 9 lbs.

  4. Consider all of your laundry needs as you decide what size washing machine to buy. While you may not need an extra large capacity washing machine for everyday laundry, having a washing machine with large capacity will enable you to wash large loads when necessary, with items such as comforters, pillows and towels. If you think you will consistently under fill a large capacity washing machine, buying a smaller capacity washing machine may be best for you. You can use a laundromat for your infrequent large wash loads.

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