How to Build Doll Furniture

There's no need to spend money on doll furniture because you can make your own with inexpensive materials and enjoy a sense of accomplishment and hours of fun creating it. Before you toss that jar lid into the recycle bin, check it out; perhaps you can use it as a kitchen table top. Using materials found in your home such as cardboard, plastic foam blocks, scraps of cloth and glue, you and your child are on your way to doll house interior design. For purpose of example, let's make a sofa out of foam.

Doll furniture can be made from things you would normally toss away.

Step 1

Determine the size of the sofa based on the dimensions of the doll house or the doll you are making it for. You don't need an exact scale. However, you want the sofa to fit into the living room of your doll house and of course, to be large enough for the doll to sit in it. Sketch out a sofa on a piece of paper and place it into the dollhouse to see if it looks proportional.

Step 2

Using the sketch, trace a pattern onto the foam the length and width of the sofa. Cut out two pieces this size using a serrated knife. Glue the bottom piece onto the top of the back piece creating a "L" shape.

Step 3

Measure up from the bottom section of the sofa about two-thirds of the way up and cut out two small blocks for arm rests. Glue them inside the L shape at each end. Set aside and allow to dry per instructions on the glue package.

Step 4

Measure the inside of your sofa where the cushions will go, and cut out a piece of foam the same size. Cut the piece into two or three pieces to create the sofa cushions. Trim them down enough so that after you have covered them with the cotton batting they will fit.

Step 5

Glue cotton batting onto the sofa arm rests and head and back areas to give it a fuller look. Do the same with the sofa cushions. Allow the glue to dry the allotted time.

Step 6

Upholster your sofa by glueing your pre-cut scraps of cloth over the cotton batting. Allow the cushions to dry completely before you place them into the sofa structure.


  • Always supervise children when using knives. You may want to do the cutting for them and they can glue and upholster.
  • Use white glue only. Some glues become toxic when used on foam.

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