How to Clean and Seal Pavers

Larry Simmons

Pavers are generally installed outdoors where they are subject to multiple weather events. They can get dirty and stained quickly if left unprotected. This protection comes in the form of a paver sealant. Paver sealant is a liquid that, when brushed over the surface of your pavers, hardens to form a moisture-resistant seal over the paver face. With the moisture unable to penetrate into the paver surface, most staining stops before it can begin. In addition, the sealed layer makes for easy cleaning by creating a surface that keeps dirt from embedding into the pores of the pavers. All that is necessary to add the seal is a good general cleaning followed by rolling the sealant into place with a paint roller.

Step 1

Clear the area of vegetative growth. Remove any grass or weeds growing between the pavers.

Step 2

Wet down the pavers with a water hose and then scrub the pavers with a stiff push broom to remove any dirt, debris and salt buildup from the area.

Step 3

Clean the pavers with a pavement cleanser specifically formulated for your paver type. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the mixing ratio with water. Mix the cleanser thoroughly and apply it to the pavers, spreading it evenly using a broom. Allow it to sit on the pavers for the manufacturer’s recommended period in order to penetrate the pavers and loosen any hard to remove ground-in dirt. Scrub the surface of the pavers in particularly dirty areas with the broom. Rinse the pavement cleaner from the pavers using the water hose. Apply the water from the top of the pavement downward, or away from any structures. Allow the pavers to air-dry for about 24 hours.

Step 4

Fill a hand pump sprayer with sealer that is compatible with your paver material type. Pump up the sprayer and spray a light layer of sealer over the pavers, working from the top of the paved surface to the bottom, or spraying from the base of any structures toward the other end of the paver surface.

Step 5

Use a low-nap paint roller to spread the sealer across the pavers, making sure to cover any exposed surface. Wait two hours for the sealer to begin drying, and then spray and spread a second layer onto the pavers to ensure complete coverage. Allow the second layer of sealant 48 hours drying time before using the paver surface.

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