How to Reset a Powermax Alarm System

Powermax is a model of property alarm manufactured by Visonic, a security company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Powermax range of wireless home alarms come with features standard to most modern home alarm systems, and allows control over home appliances from the control panel. If your Powermax alarm triggers accidentally, you can reset it by entering your security code into the control panel. The uncomplicated process should only take a few seconds.

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Step 1

Approach the alarm control panel. The screen will show "TROUBLE" or "MEMORY."

Step 2

Flip down the plastic cover protecting the number buttons.

Step 3

Press the "Off" button. It has a padlock icon printed on the top. "CODE" will appear on the screen.

Step 4

Enter your four-digit alarm code using the number keys. The panel will confirm a correct code by making a noise and the alarm will be reset.