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Ants Are Invading My Storage Shed

Elton Dunn

Ant infestations occur when you've got something the ants want: typically food but sometimes water or shelter. Your storage shed with yard waste, garbage scraps and recycling is an ant hotel and restaurant in one, so you can't blame them for trying. To successfully get rid of ants with little expense or headache, combine preventative measures with chemical control to kick them out and keep them out for good.

Remove food sources to cut down on ants populations.
  1. Ant-proof your shed. Store garbage in tightly sealed cans so ants don't smell it. Remove water sources or fix leaks, since ants like standing water. Move paper recycling like old newspapers and yard waste like grass clippings to another area, since ants can hide inside newspaper stacks and yard waste. Caulk any holes, gaps or cracks where you think the ants are coming in. If you're not sure where the ants are entering your shed, sprinkle the floor with baby powder. The ants will leave a trail as they move.

  2. Mop the shed floor with soapy water or dry mop it with window cleaner. Both of these products remove the ant scent, which can confuse pests. Window cleaner kills ants, so ants that walk across it die. Since bait takes a long time to work, mop with soap or window cleaner to get a head start on reducing the ant problem.

  3. Set bait traps, which is the only insecticide recommended for ants, reports the University of California at Davis. Leave traps around your shed. Worker ants will pick up bait and carry it back to the colony. As the ants eat the infected bait, they will die, reducing your infestation. Periodically sweep the shed floor to remove dead ants. Expect bait control to take several weeks to work.