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How to Troubleshoot the Picture Quality of a Sanyo TV

James Clark

Like most modern televisions, those made by Sanyo offer a menu accessed by the TV's remote control that provides a wide choice of variables for adjusting picture quality. In addition, you can troubleshoot both the Sanyo TV and components connected to it if you experience picture-quality issues. Most adjustments to the Sanyo TV itself can be accomplished by pressing a few buttons on the remote control. If components connected to the TV present picture quality problems, the cable connections are the first places to look for solutions.

  1. Push in the cables connected to jacks in the back of the Sanyo TV, and check the connections to your AV components on the other end of each cable. Reconnecting a loose video cable may instantly resolve all your picture problems.

  2. Press the "Input" key for one of the Sanyo TV's video components on the remote control. If you accidentally press the input key for a jack to which no video source is connected, you will not get a picture.

  3. Push the "Menu" key on the remote control and the down arrow key to highlight "Picture." Press "Enter." This displays the picture adjustment settings on the Sanyo screen. Select "Manual" to adjust color, tint, brightness, sharpness, contrast and dynamic contrast. Press "Menu" to exit the picture adjustment settings.

  4. Push and release the "Pix Shape" key repeatedly to cycle the Sanyo TV through the various screen aspect-ratio settings. This may fix the picture to suit the video source you are viewing.

  5. Press the "Reset" key twice on the Sanyo TV's remote to restore the TV to factory settings. This erases all user adjustments to the set and reverts the picture to the original settings.