Antler Chandelier Tutorial

Deer antlers inspire chandelier designs.

Antler chandeliers are favorites of wildlife enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. Because deer shed their antlers each year, they are not difficult to find. And antlers are naturally hollow, making them natural candidates for concealing wiring. Consider where you intend to hang your antler chandelier to determine its size and the length of the chain you will need to suspend it from the ceiling. Install a dimmer to create a warm lodge-like feeling in a bedroom or spray-paint your antler chandelier hot pink for a humorous dining room conversation piece.

  1. Clean the antlers using oil soap.

  2. Seal the antlers with polyurethane using a clean rag.

  3. Drill a hole through the point of every antler. This is where the bulbs will go.

  4. Arrange the antlers in a design that pleases you. Examine the arrangement from every side to be sure it looks balanced.

  5. Screw the antlers together to secure your design. Attach a screwdriver drill bit to an electrical drill. Drill a screw through two antlers where they meet. Repeat this with each antler until the chandelier feels secure, with no loose antlers.

  6. Run the wiring from the chandelier kit through the antlers so that the bulbs emerge through each antler tip.

  7. Fill the screw holes and the holes where you inserted the wiring with wood- or antler-patching clay.

  8. Screw a large metal hook into the top of the chandelier. Loop the chain over the hook so that you can suspend the lamp from the ceiling.

  9. Install a ceiling lamp suspension kit into your ceiling following the package instructions so that you can securely hang your antler chandelier.