How to Get Rubber Off of Tile

Elastic hydrocarbon polymer, commonly referred to as rubber, is found in countless home products.

The rubber backing of simple bath mats can leave rubber stains on tile.The rubber backing of simple bath mats can leave rubber stains on tile.
From pencil erasers to bathroom mats, rubber is economical and rarely causes household damage or stains. Occasionally however, heated rubber or rubber backing that is put down on a dirty or wet surface may melt or stick to the surface. With the correct application of cleaning materials and a little elbow grease, you can get rid of rubber stuck to tiles.

Spray a lubricant onto a nylon scrub brush. You can find spray or aerosol lubricants at any hardware store. Look for one that you would use on a door hinge to stop it from squeaking. Also, do not spray the lubricant directly onto a tiled surface, as some lubricants may stain tile grout.

Scrub the rubber vigorously with the nylon brush. Keep scrubbing until the rubber loosens.

Wipe away the loosened pieces of rubber with a paper towel or clean cloth.

Clean the tile as you normally clean it, with soap and water, a warm water and vinegar solution or a commercial cleaning spray.

Things You Will Need

  • Spray lubricant
  • Nylon scrubber
  • Paper towel

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