How to Use Steamtek on Carpets

Today's carpets are designed to hide dirt and resist stains. Normal walking and light traffic where people gather can cause it to appear dull and lifeless. Proper cleaning is important to retain the beauty of your carpet. Frequent vacuuming will remove soil and dirt, but when spills occur immediate action is required. A common mistake is using excessive cleaning chemicals and not extracting them completely from the spill. Although it might appear clean, this messy residue quickly attracts additional dirt. The use of steam removes spots and spills leaving your carpets looking good longer without the use of harsh chemicals.

Use steam to clean your carpets and rugs.
  1. Remove the water holding tank from the mop handle. Remove the water fill cap with your fingers and fill the SteamTek with hot water. Plug the unit into a power outlet near the soiled area.

  2. Wait for the water to heat up for about one minute. The LED indicator on the handle will turn green when it is ready for use.

  3. Attach the triangular adapter included with the system over the mop head and secure it in place by pressing on the drawstring connector in one hand and pulling the drawstrings tight with your other.

  4. Hold the handle firmly in both hands and squeeze the trigger with your finger to release the steam. Move the cleaning head back and forth over the soiled area several times until you see the stain removed. Blot or gently rub the area with a dry cloth to remove remaining residue.

  5. Allow the area to dry for 30 minutes and vacuum over it.