My Refrigerator Won't Get Cool Enough

Since an insufficiently cooled refrigerator can cause spoiled food, this is a problem you want to resolve immediately. Most refrigerator manufacturers provide tips on what may cause this issue. Insufficient cooling is sometimes a user problem, caused by a failure to use the refrigerator properly or not following the manufacturer's suggestions and warnings. If you are unable to resolve your cooling issue on your own, you may have a defective refrigerator and should contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement, especially if your refrigerator is still under warranty.

Fix refrigerator cooling problems to keep food safe for consumption.

Step 1

Plug your refrigerator into an appropriate electrical outlet. Your refrigerator's manufacturer provides recommendations on the type of outlet to use. The manufacturer may even recommend not using an extension cord or not plugging more than one appliance into the outlet. Check if the outlet you are using works by plugging another appliance into the outlet and testing it. Reset the circuit breaker if the outlet does not work, or contact a professional electrical contractor if you are unable to resolve the issue on your own.

Step 2

Check the temperature settings on the control panel. The current settings may not feel cool enough. Most manufacturers recommend you set the refrigerator at 37 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Lower the setting by one or two degrees, if necessary. Wait 24 hours for the settings to cool the refrigerator.

Step 3

Remove any objects placed around the air vents on the wall between the refrigerator or freezer. Blocked vents may affect the refrigerator temperature.

Step 4

Keep the refrigerator in an area that maintains a consistent temperature and is not in direct sunlight. If the refrigerator is placed in an area that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit or drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the refrigerator may not be able to regulate the internal temperature properly.

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