How to Bend a Four-Point Saddle

A four-point saddle bend is very common for bending electrical pipes. A metal pipe, also called the conduit, is marked at four distinct points where the bends will go. To determine how high the bend needs to be, a chart is provided on the conduit-bending machine. The pipe is then put onto the bender machine and is rotated as it is bent. The end result is a metal pipe with four bends in it.

Step 1

Select a rise of three inches and look at the conduit-bending machine chart.

Step 2

Lay conduit pipe flat on the table and mark four lines with a sharpie that are six inches apart.

Step 3

Set bending machine stopper on the "2."

Step 4

Take conduit and place it in the bender, lining up the first sharpie mark with machine stopper. Bend the pipe until the pipe hits the stopper.

Step 5

Turn the conduit 180 degrees and slide forward to the next mark. Bend pipe until it hits the stop.

Step 6

Slide pipe to the third sharpie mark and bend again until the pipe hits the stop.

Step 7

Slide the conduit to the fourth mark and turn one last time 180 degrees. Then bend pipe until it hits the stop.

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