How to Install Joint Covers on Fiber Cement Siding

Joint covers are pieces of metal or plastic that fit over the joints between fiber cement siding boards.

Use joint covers to hide fiber cement siding joints.Use joint covers to hide fiber cement siding joints.
The joint covers add additional weatherproofing to the siding, as well as increasing the aesthetic appearance of the siding. Installing the joint covers is a simple process that will add little time to the installation process. Each joint cover should take about 30 seconds to install between two joints of fiber cement siding.

Check that you have the correct size of joint cover before installing the siding on the wall. Slide the joint cover over the end of one piece of siding to check the fit. The cover should fit snugly and slide onto the siding with gentle pressure.

Place a layer of felt flashing over the water-resistant barrier covering the wall insulation. Install a water-resistant barrier as part of the installation process for the siding. Place the flashing over the entire wall surface before installing the siding, or add it in small pieces along every siding joint. Staple the flashing to the wall with a staple gun.

Hang the siding according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not try to cover the joints between the different siding pieces yet. Stagger the placement of the boards to prevent all of the joint covers from lining up in one or two spots along the walls.

Inspect the joint covers. If they have any exposed metal, paint it with latex acrylic paint to seal the metal from the elements. Allow the paint to dry before hanging the joint covers.

Slip the end of the butt joint cover hook onto the bottom edge of the siding pieces where two boards connect. Make sure the cover sits snugly against the bottom of the siding.

Nail the top of the siding to the wall, ½ inch below the top of the joint cover.

Things You Will Need

  • Butt joint covers
  • Felt flashing
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Acrylic latex spray paint
  • Waterproof nails
  • Hammer

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