My DLE2516W LG Electric Dryer Is Not Drying

Jamie Lisse

The DLE2516W LG electric dryer is a consumer grade dryer intended for home use. The dryer has a total of five drying programs and an electronic control panel. The LG Sensor Dry System automatically adjusts drying time for each laundry load by measuring the moisture in the dryer's drum. Despite this feature, there may come a time when your LG dryer is not drying your laundry as expected. To remedy this, you can do a little troubleshooting on your own.

  1. Sort your laundry into smaller loads and separate the heavy items from the lighter items. Overloading the dryer or drying everything together can result in the drying cycle not drying your laundry.

  2. Clean the lint filter before each load of laundry. If the filter is clogged with lint, your laundry will not get dry.

  3. Go to check your home's fuse box or circuit breaker box to look for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Your LG dryer works on two fuses or circuits, which means the dryer can have power but no heat. Replacing the fuse or resetting the breaker will fix the drying problem.