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How to Extend a Patio Deck

Sienna Condy

Whether your patio or deck is too small for your needs or you just want a larger deck to add more hardscaped space to your landscape, you can extend your patio deck with a stone patio or a wood deck with a few days of work. Patio deck extensions vary widely based on the homeowner's needs, but a deck extension is typically created on the same level or lower than the current deck. Building and installing a patio deck extension is basically the same as building a standard deck or patio.

Extend It With Brick

  1. Plan a patio space adjacent to your existing deck space to extend your patio deck area. Sketch out a plan, or create a basic layout on the yard itself using stakes. Finish the layout by running string or twine from each stake to the next to create your patio outline.

  2. Dig a hole approximately 10 inches deep over the entire patio area.

  3. Pour a layer of gravel approximately 6 inches deep over the entire patio area. Tamp down the gravel with a tamping rod.

  4. Cover the gravel with a layer of sand approximately 1 inch thick.

  5. Lay your patio bricks or pavers out in the desired design. Tamp each paver or brick down with the tamping rod once they're in the correct position.

  6. Pour sand in between each of the pavers and bricks once they've been tamped into position.

Extend a Wooden Deck

  1. Plan where you want you want your deck expansion to go. Use stakes and string to outline the area. Dig a hole for a footing, pier or post at each corner of the new deck extension. Make sure every footing, pier or post hole is deeper than the frost line in your area to reduce the chance of movement. Add additional posts every eight feet. Install the footings, piers or posts per the manufacturer's directions.

  2. Use a pry bar to remove all old decking from the surface of the original deck. Note the size board used in the interior and exterior joists.

  3. Measure the length and width of the area where you want to add your deck expansion. Cut exterior joists for the new deck with a circular saw from the same size boards used in the old section of deck. Decks are typically built out of 2-by boards. Subtract 4 inches from the measurement in the direction you plan to run your interior joists. The joists in the deck expansion should be run in the same direction as the joists in the old section of deck. Cut the interior joists to length.

  4. Build the basic deck frame and interior joists in the same manner as the old section of deck is constructed. Drill through one exterior joist in the new deck through to the adjacent exterior joist in the old section of deck, once the frame has been built. Bolt the two frames together.

  5. Measure the length of your deck. Lay decking boards in the opposite direction of the deck floor joists. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for decking board installation. Place spacers between the decking boards as needed.