How to Open a Fantom Vacuum

Sommer Leigh

If you own a Fantom vacuum, its manufacturer, Fantom Technologies of Canada, advises that it should be opened only to clean the filter, replace the headlight or belt and clear blockages. Making adjustments to any other parts could harm the machine, possibly beyond repair, according to the manufacturer. If you have problems with any other parts, take the vacuum to a qualified repair facility. If you have questions about the various parts and their location, consult your owner/s manual.

  1. Remove the dust compartment to access the main filter. Open the trap door on the bottom of the dust compartment. Push the release button on top of the dust compartment to remove the filter.

  2. Set the vacuum upright, and pull off the hose cuff to access the suction hose and the suction inlet.

  3. Turn over the vacuum, and slide the latch in the direction of the arrow on the bottom plate. Pull the tabs to remove the bottom plate. With the bottom plate removed, you can access the nozzle head, agitator and belt.

  4. Press the release button on the cleaning head at the back of the vacuum to remove the dust compartment and handle. Removing this section gives you access to the nozzle air inlet pipe.

  5. Set the vacuum flat on its back. Loosen the screws on the headlight lamp or pop off the cover by inserting a flat screwdriver underneath it to access the lamp and its wiring.