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How to Troubleshoot a Caddx Alarm

Louis Gutierrez

Caddx home alarms are a series of alarm systems made by General Electric (GE). Occasionally your Caddx home alarm will have problems that you will need to troubleshoot. The most common problem will be that the batteries are running low, so the alarm will warn you to notify you of the problem. Occasionally there might be a more serious problem, but luckily the majority of the problems are very easily fixed and will not require the help of a professional.

Alarm sensors warn you if someone is trying to break into your house.

Step 1

Press the asterisk symbol on the alarm panel and enter your user code; press the asterisk symbol again. An error code will be displayed.

Step 2

Change the battery if you get "LOW BATT" as your warning.

Step 3

Check the transformer to see if it is plugged in and check that the circuit breakers are not tripped if the warning "AC POWER FAILURE" is displayed.

Step 4

Run the Sensor test if you get "SENSOR SUPERVISORY" or "SENSOR TROUBLE" as the error. Read the alarm manual to get directions on how to run the sensor test; it will vary slightly by model.

Step 5

Change the sensor batteries if you get "SENSOR XX LOW BATTERY" as the error. Read the manual for detailed description on how to change the sensor battery as the process varies by model.

Step 6

Inspect the sensor to make sure it is not opened or damaged if you get "SENSOR XX TAMPER" as the error.

Step 7

Inspect the phone line if you get error code "PHONE FAILURE TROUBLE" to ensure it is connected; your phone service might be down in your area if it is not working.

Step 8

Call your alarm company if you get any of the following error codes: "RECEIVER INTERFERENCE," "RECEIVER FAILURE," and "MEMORY FAILURE." Only the alarm company can fix any of these issues.