How to Reset a Vita Spa High Limit Sensor

If the water temperature inside a Vita spa heats up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the high limit sensor is activated. The control panel will display "HILI" to indicate that the sensor has been triggered. If the temperature of water in the spa continues to increase up to 115 degrees, the entire system will be disabled and will need to be reset before the spa can be used.

The high limit sensor is activated when the water temperature reaches 112 degrees.

Step 1

Remove the spa cover if it is currently on the spa. Wait for the water temperature to cool down to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Attempting to reset the sensor will not work if the water temperature is still above 104 degrees.

Step 2

Hold down the button labeled "PROG" for five seconds. The high limit indicator will disappear and the system will reset.

Step 3

Adjust the spa settings as needed. Replace the cover on the spa if desired.


  • Do not enter the water when the high limit sensor is on at the risk of being burned.

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