How to Open a Toto G-MAX Valve Cover

Toto's G-Max is a standard flush-style toilet. The G-Max features all of the conventional components you find in any standard flush commode, like a fill valve, refill tube, and drain pipe. Cleaning grime from your G-Max's fill valve is simple enough. You'll simply need to remove the cover from the fill valve -- and you won't need any tools to do so.

  1. Shut off the GMAX's water supply. Turn the water supply line's valve counterclockwise to shut off the water supply --- the supply line and valve are located on the wall behind the commode.

  2. Flush the toilet, and then remove the GMAX's top cover -- lift the cover and set it aside. Unplug the refill tube from the side of the valve -- simply unplug the tube from the its port on the valve.

  3. Lift the valve's cap, and then set it aside. Remove the valve's float arm, located on top of the valve, by holding the clips on the sides of the float arm and then lifting the float arm.

  4. Secure the valve with one hand and twist off the valve's cap with the other. Twist the valve counterclockwise to unlock it, and then remove it by simply lifting it.