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How to Fix a Loose Jet on a Jacuzzi Tub

Marshal M. Rosenthal

A Jacuzzi-brand hot tub propels water out of nozzle "jets" that are on the inside. A loose jet causes the flow of water to be uneven, disrupting the pleasure of sitting in the tub and possibly resulting in a costly repair at a later time. Fix the loose jet yourself by reseating the valve. You will need a few tools commonly found around the house but you will not need electrical skills.

An erratically firing jet inside a hot tub must be realigned.
  1. Turn the power switch for the Jacuzzi hot tub to the "Off" position. Trip the circuit breaker in the fuse box to discontinue any electrical power to the tub before continuing.

  2. Remove the drain plug on the bottom of the tub and drain the water from inside. Let the tub air dry completely once the water has been drained before continuing.

  3. Remove the screws from the collar surrounding the "jet" that is loose, using a Phillips screwdriver -- in some instances a #20 Torx screwdriver may be used instead. Place the screws in a coffee cup to keep them from getting lost.

  4. Pull the collar off the side of the tub and place it aside for the moment.

  5. Pull the rubber gasket from around the valve in the compartment that the collar was covering. Place the rubber gasket aside for now.

  6. Place the jaws of a pliers around the valve inside the compartment. Twist the pliers counterclockwise to loosen the valve. Rotate the valve counterclockwise to remove it from the tube inside the tub.

  7. Wipe out the inside of the back end of the valve with the edge of a wet paper towel. Wipe the threads on the back end of the valve with the wet paper towel.

  8. Line up the back end of the valve with the tube inside the compartment. Insert the threaded back end of the valve into the tube. Rotate the valve clockwise until you feel resistance. Place the jaws of the pliers around the valve. Twist the pliers clockwise a 1/4 turn to further tighten the valve. Remove the pliers.

  9. Place the rubber gasket back into the compartment in the same position it formerly occupied. Place the collar back on the compartment and tighten the screws. Refill the Jacuzzi with water. Return the electric power to the hot tub.