Instructions for a Wolf Oven

Wolf ovens are top of the line built-ins that are often seen on television cooking shows.

To Bake or Roast

Made of stainless steel, the ovens feature a wide variety of cooking modes, including the traditional baking, roasting and broiling, as well as convection cooking. Available in both single and double units, the Wolf oven is no more difficult to operate than any other oven. .

Turn the oven "On" and press the "Bake" button on the display.

Press the number keys to set the temperature of the oven. The default pre-heat temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Press the "Enter" button when done.

Place the food you are cooking in the oven when the oven chimes alerting you that the pre-heat process is complete.

Bake the food for the amount of time listed in your recipe.

Remove the food using dry hot pads when fully cooked. Turn the oven to the "Off" position.

To Broil

Place food on the supplied broiler tray and place the tray in the oven.

Press the "Broil" button on the touchpad.

Set the temperature to the desire temperature using the number keys. The broiler default is 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Press the "Enter" key to start the broiling process in the oven.

Remove the food when done from the oven and press the "Off" switch to turn off the oven.

Things You Will Need

  • Dry hot pads
  • Baking dishes and pans


  • Convection mode is done in the same manner. Press the "On" button and choose "Convection" from the touch pad. Foods cook faster in convection ovens so adjust the recipe accordingly.
  • Some models are equipped with a pizza stone accessory. To use the stone, follow the instructions in the included manual.