How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Calypso Washer

Michelle Skidgel

The Whirlpool Calypso is a gentle, agitator-free automatic washing machine that features smart dispensers, Whirlpool's "Quiet Wash Plus" system, a stainless steel wash basket and a force filter wash and rinse system. Various parts of the washer have differing warranties, from the full one-year warranty to a limited lifetime warranty on the stainless steel basket. Before calling Whirlpool with a warranty claim or contacting a service tech for repairs, attempt to troubleshoot the unit yourself to fix the more minor issues that may arise.

Error Codes

  1. Push "Start" or "Stop/Cancel" if the code "PF" flashes on the washer's display. This indicates a power failure has occurred, and you can choose whether to restart the cycle from the point it had previously reached or cancel the cycle completely.

  2. Push "Stop/Cancel" if "FL" shows on the display. This indicates that the washer has overfilled. The unit will undergo a pumping process and beep continuously to notify you of the malfunction. If the water keeps flowing, turn the water off at the supply valves and call for service.

  3. Check for clogs or kinks in the drain and supply hoses, and make sure the machine is not overloaded or unbalanced, if the display shows error codes "Er," "LF," "CE," "Ld," "CA," "CL" or "ob." Push "Stop/Cancel" to clear the codes, and call for service if the message remains.

  4. Call for service if your Calypso washer displays "Or" or "Sr."

  5. Open the lid and close it securely if "LS" shows on the washer display. Push "Start" or "Stop/Cancel" to continue the cycle or clear the settings.

  6. Push "Stop/Cancel" if "SL" is displayed. Increase the length of the spin cycle and restart the cycle without detergent and using cold water.

General Problems

  1. Pull the power plug, then reinsert it into an operational grounded (three-prong) outlet if the washer fails to fill with water, fails to rinse or wash clothing, or stops during a cycle. Verify that the water supply valves are opened and that the supply lines are not kinked or clogged. Remove any extension cords connected to the washer, as they reduce the power to the machine.

  2. Push "Stop/Cancel," followed by "Rinse & Spin" to remove excess sudsing if it causes the washer to stop mid-cycle. Choose which cycle you wish to run, then push "Start," running the cycle with cold water and no additional detergent.

  3. Open the lid and close it securely if the machine fails to drain or spin. Check the washer's drain hose and make sure it rises no more than 96 inches above floor level. Switch to HE (high-efficiency) detergent to reduce the amount of suds -- this can affect the unit's ability to drain and spin.

  4. Remove any tape on the drain and standpipe if the washer keeps filling or draining, or if the cycle sticks. The presence of an air gap is necessary for proper filling and drainage, and taping compromises the air gap.

  5. Inspect the water supply and drain lines if the Calypso washer leaks. The hoses should be tightly secured to the machine and the water supply valves. Remove any clogs from the drain or supply lines, and make sure the load is even and not overly full. If the washer continues to leak, check the plumbing throughout your house to make sure it's not part of a larger issue in your home.