Krups XP1500 Instructions

Meredith Jameson

The Krups XP1500 is a coffee machine and espresso maker with a 10-cup coffee capacity, pause and serve feature, non-stick warming plate, swing-out filter, four bar steam system, glass carafe, steam nozzle and a removable drip tray. The machine is sold through Krups online or in select culinary or coffee supply stores. Operating the coffee maker and the espresso maker is relatively easy but should only be performed by an adult, due to the increased risk of injury from electricity, hot surfaces, steam and extremely hot liquids.


  1. Pull the filter holder out and insert a paper filter, size four, into the holder. Point the seam toward the bottom of the holder when inserting the filter. Gently push the interior of the filter into the shape of the basket.

  2. Place ground coffee into the filter, with 1 tbsp. of ground coffee for each cup of coffee desired. Close the filter door.

  3. Lift up the lid on top of the machine and pour in the amount of coffee necessary for the amount of coffee to be brewed, using the fill marks on the carafe as a guide. Close the lid.

  4. Set the glass carafe on the warming plate with the lid on the carafe closed. Turn the control knob to "On" to begin brewing the coffee.


  1. Place the filter basket in the filter holder and rotate it slightly to secure.

  2. Fill the filter with ground espresso. There are marks on the filter basket for either 2 or 4 cups of espresso. Gently pack the coffee into the filter and wipe away any grounds on the filter rim.

  3. Pull the filter handle to the left and lift up the filter holder into the brewing head. Turn the filter holder to the right. Lift up the top lid and turn the boiler cap counter-clockwise. Fill the glass carafe with cold water, using the marks on the side for the desired amount of espresso.

  4. Pour the cold water into the boiler container. Close the boiler cap clockwise and set the carafe under the filter holder. The slot on the carafe lid should be located below the filter holder dispenser. Set the knob on the side of the machine to "Espresso" and turn the control knob to the left to "Espresso ON." When all the water is heated, turn off the machine.

  5. Froth milk immediately after brewing the espresso by opening the steam release knob counter-clockwise. Tilt the milk pitcher slightly and set the pitcher so that the tip of the steam nozzle is slightly below the milk surface. Move the milk pitcher up and down slightly. Close the steam release knob when the milk is steamed before removing the milk from the nozzle.