Hiding Indoor AC Units

Indoor air-conditioning units, also called window AC units, can be unsightly. Unfortunately they are usually considered to be a necessity by families trying to stay cool in the summertime. Hiding your window AC unit might be a solution, but it's important that you do it in such a way so that the unit will still cool your home effectively.

Hiding an indoor air-conditioning unit can be tricky.
  1. Cover bare plastic areas -- typically visible on older units -- with colored or printed paper, such as wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or wallpaper. Choose colors and designs that coordinate with your room. Measure bare areas with a ruler and mark the dimensions on your paper using light pencil marks on the backside. Carefully cut to fit using a scissors, craft knife or a paper cutter -- depending on the type of cut you have to make. Use double-sided tape to carefully apply the piece to the bare spot.

  2. Measure from the top of the window to just below the bottom of the AC unit for a curtain. Hang a curtain that fits these measurements to hide the unit when it's off. If you are unable to find a curtain to fit your exact measurements, use a longer one. Trim the curtain so it hangs about 3 inches below the AC unit. With the curtain removed from the window, carefully fold the bottom up about 1 1/2 inch. Pin in place with metal stick pins and iron along the fold. Remove the stick pins and make a second fold about 1/2 inch once more. Pin in place and iron. Carefully sew a straight line either using sewing machine or by hand. Hang the curtain in front of the window unit, pulling the curtain aside when the unit is running.

  3. Secure a cabinet in front of AC units that are mounted in a wall. Start with a cabinet that fits the correct dimensions and covers the unit. There will be no back to the cabinet. It will be a three-sided cabinet. The cabinet will be mounted so that it slides over the front of the unit, and it can be mounted using mounting brackets -- which brackets will depend on the type of cabinet you use. The cabinet should hang in front of the AC unit at least 1 inch, but no more than 2-3 inches, so air gets out into the room and you should have two doors that open to the front of the unit -- for changing settings and cleaning the unit. Use a router with a decorative bit to cut air lines through both front doors. This can be in an artistic design or can be measured, straight lines that line up with each other on both doors to create good air flow. If you are unable to do work on a cabinet like this yourself, hire a cabinet maker to complete the job.