How to Acquire a New Key for My Bell Lock

Hannah Ardeb

Locks are meant to keep people out of areas they do not belong. However, locks are not meant to keep you from your own property. If you lost they key or wish to acquire a new key for your lock you may need to take a trip to your local locksmith.

Acquiring a new key

Locksmiths may have spare keys
  1. Take in a key if you have one to your locksmith to duplicate it.

  2. Take in the lock to the locksmith if you do not have a spare key. If the lock is attached to an immovable object, ask the locksmith to come to you. The locksmith may be able to give you a master key or make you a key from the lock design.

  3. Have your locksmith re-key your lock. Re-keying involves changing the tumblers in the lock and giving you a new key. This method is cheaper then buying a new lock, and allows you to keep the old lock.

  4. Write to the manufacturer of the lock if the locksmith can not produce a key. The manufacturer may be able to send you a duplicate or master key based on the serial number of the lock. If all these steps fail you may consider replacing the lock.