Barn Board Siding Installation

As its name implies, barn board siding is most often seen on farm structures, but you can also install this siding style on your home.

Barn siding can give your home's exterior a traditional appearance.Barn siding can give your home's exterior a traditional appearance.
Barn siding can help enhance the appearance of your home, garage or similar structure by giving it a traditional, Americana-style look as well as provide protection against the elements. Barn wood siding offers a unique look to your home while also providing a structurally-sound level of stability to its exterior.

Select your barn siding based on the color and style of your home or garage. There are many different types of barn siding options available at your local hardware store or siding warehouse. Determine the dimensions of your home or area to be covered and also purchase enough plywood to serve as an undercoating for these dimensions. Select a dark backing that will not reflect or show through the gaps and holes in the barn siding.

Cover your house or structure to be sided with plywood. The plywood will be the starting point for your siding project and will serve as a means for nailing the siding onto your structure. Use a power saw to cut the angles to size for full coverage of the area to be sided. Remember to cut out the plywood to adequately fit your structure's frame, accounting for doors and windows as well. Nail the plywood to existing wood studs on the exterior walls of the structure.

Snap a chalk line along the starter wall on the plywood. This will serve as your guide while installing your barn board siding and ensure that each board is straight once installed. Line up the first siding board along this line, beginning in a corner of the structure's exterior wall. Nail the siding according to the manufacturer's instructions included in each box of siding.

Overlap each additional piece of siding at least 1/2-inch or according to the manufacturer's specifications in the siding package. Remember to only use nails that are appropriate to the style and type of siding you are using for the project. These nail suggestions are usually listed on the siding packaging.

Continue mounting siding on the exterior walls of the structure, making cuts to the siding with the saw, as needed, to match up with corners, doors, windows and other irregularities.

Things You Will Need

  • Barn siding
  • Hammer
  • Nails or screws
  • Power or hand saw
  • Level or straight edge
  • Plywood
  • Chalk line


  • Line-ripping barn siding, or using your saw to cut down the length of a board, produces a tighter fit and more even appearance.
  • Use a wire brush to dull the end of a siding end-piece to give the appearance of an older, weathered look and feel.


  • When using power tools, always wear protective gloves and glasses to reduce your risk of injury.

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