How to Install a Refrigerator's Crisper Drawer

Refrigerators have many convenient features that make food storage easier. One feature that provides an environment for keeping produce fresh is the crisper drawer. Some crisper drawers have humidity controls for even greater flexibility in maintaining the proper air quality to keep produce fresh. The crisper drawers on refrigerators are removable so you can clean underneath them. You can install your refrigerator's crisper drawer back in its location in less than a minute.

Refrigerators have many features to make food storage easier.
  1. Open the refrigerator door so it is at least at a 90-degree angle to the main refrigerator body. This will make it easier to slide the drawer into its location.

  2. Hold the drawer with both hands with the front part of the drawer closest to your body.

  3. Place the drawer even with the crisper drawer compartment.

  4. Set the lip on the sides of the drawer into the track on the top of the crisper drawer compartment. Push the drawer into the compartment. Pull the drawer out and slide it back in several times to ensure it is on the track correctly.

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