How to Use a Piano Dolly

Joshua Benjamin

Piano dollies are essentially square, flat frames of wood, plastic or metal with a single wheel under each corner of the frame. As the name suggests, the piano dolly is often used for moving upright pianos--not grand pianos, as the instruments are not constructed in a way that the piano dolly can assist in moving them. The dolly can actually be used to move almost any large, heavy object.

  1. Position the piano dolly immediately to the side of the object you wish to move.

  2. Lift the object onto the piano dolly. Make sure you center the weight so that it is evenly distributed on the dolly. Depending on the size and weight, you may need to use two persons to lift the object. Also, if the object is long enough to warrant it, you may wish to position a second piano dolly so that the object is laid across both for stability.

  3. Move the object slowly, making sure to push near the bottom so as to not tip the object off the dolly. Again, two people may be needed here to ensure the object is steady as you move it.

  4. Lift the object straight up off of the dolly once you reach the intended destination and set it down.