How to Hang a Flower Box on a Brick Home

Jack Gerard

Flower boxes provide extra growing space for flowers and other plants, something homeowners with small yards or other restrictions on planting space appreciate. While special hangers are used for drill-free mounting of flower boxes on homes with siding, this isn't an option for brick homes. This lack of alternatives makes proper installation critical -- the flower box needs to support the weight of both your flowers and the soil they live in.

Mount flower boxes under windows to open up new decorating options.

Step 1

Select a location for your flower box. Hold the box up to the wall to ensure it is the proper distance from your window or other wall features, marking the outline of the box with a masonry pencil or chalk.

Step 2

Position and mark your brackets. Spread the brackets evenly across the space where the flower box will hang so the box is properly supported once installed. Mark the screw holes for each bracket.

Step 3

Put on safety glasses or other eye protection, and drill holes for your screws at the positions you marked. Make sure the holes are in the brick and not the mortar, and use a masonry bit to drill them 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deeper than the length of your screws.

Step 4

Attach your bracing brackets to the wall: Insert lag shields into the holes you drilled, tapping them in with a hammer until they are flush with the brick surface, and then secure the brackets using lag screws.

Step 5

Position your flower box and attach it to the brackets. Drill holes in the bottom of the flower box if necessary, and use lag bolts to attach the box securely.